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California 66 Cal. Op. Att'y Gen. 440 (1983). Personal use of fines and fees prohibited Under what circumstances does a conflict of interest in the imposition or enforcement of court debt violate state law? Judges cannot receive fines or fees for personal use.
Article VI, section 17, of the California Constitution, provides: “A judge of a court of record may not practice law and during the term for which the judge was selected
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is ineligible for public employment or public office other than judicial employment or judicial office. A judge of the superior or municipal court may, however, become eligible for election to other public office by taking a leave of absence without pay prior to filing a declaration of candidacy. Acceptance of the public office is a resignation from the office of judge. “A judicial officer may not receive fines or fees for personal use.” 66 Cal. Op. Att'y Gen. 440 (1983).
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