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Wisconsin Wis. Stat. § 800.095(1)(a) Nonpayment of monetary judgment
(a) Suspension of the defendant’s operating privilege until the defendant pays the judgment, but not to exceed one year. If the court orders suspension under this paragraph, all of the
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following apply: 1. The court shall notify the department of transportation of the suspension for failure to pay the judgment. If the defendant pays the judgment, the court shall notify the department of transportation of the payment within 7 days in the form and manner prescribed by the department. 2. The court may order the suspension concurrent or consecutive to any other suspensions or revocations. If the court fails to specify whether the suspension is consecutive or concurrent, the department of transportation shall implement the suspension concurrent with any other suspensions or revocations. 3. If the judgment remains unpaid at the end of the one?year suspension, the court may not order a further suspension of operating privileges in relation to the outstanding judgment. 3m. If the court terminates the defendant’s suspension as the result of the defendant’s agreement to a payment plan or community service and the defendant is later suspended because he or she defaults on that plan or service, the new suspension shall be reduced by the amount of time that the suspension was served before being terminated by the court. 4. Serving the complete one?year suspension of the defendant’s operating privilege does not relieve the defendant of the responsibility to pay the judgment. 5. During the period of operating privilege suspension under this paragraph, the defendant may request the court to reconsider the order of suspension based on an inability to pay the judgment because of poverty, as that term is used in s. 814.29 (1) (d). The court shall consider the defendant’s request. If the court determines that the inability to pay the judgment is because of poverty, the court shall withdraw the suspension and grant the defendant further time to pay or withdraw the suspension and order one or more other sanctions set forth in this subsection, including community service. 6. This paragraph does not apply if the judgment was entered solely for a violation of an ordinance unrelated to the violator’s operation of a motor vehicle unless the judgment is ordered under ch. 938. Nonmoving traffic offenses, as defined in s. 345.28 (1)(c), are related to the violator’s operation of a motor vehicle.
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