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Connecticut Conn. Gen. Stat. § 18-50(a)(2) Credit against unpaid fine for time spent in confinement, employed or performing community service

(2) Each person committed to any community correctional center upon conviction of any criminal offense, and held therein only for the payment of a fine, may be released from confinement

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by the Commissioner of Correction and, with the agreement of the Court Support Services Division within the Judicial Department, be transferred to said division subject to the requirement that such person perform community service under the supervision of said division until the period of community service performed by such person at the rate of fifty dollars a day amounts to such fine or the balance thereof remaining unpaid. Any person so transferred shall remain under the jurisdiction of the commissioner. Such person shall be discharged from the jurisdiction of the commissioner when such person completes the period of community service required to be performed when computed in accordance with this subdivision or immediately upon payment of the fine in full. If, at any time during such person’s release from confinement pursuant to this subdivision, the commissioner determines that the conduct of such person is unsuitable for continuation in such program of community service, such person may be returned to confinement.

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