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Texas Tex. Code Crim. Proc. Art. 42A.607 Disposition of Salary

If a defendant who is required as a condition of community supervision to serve a term of confinement under this subchapter is not required by the judge to deliver the

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defendant’s salary to the restitution center director, the employer of the defendant shall deliver the salary to the director. The director shall deposit the salary into a fund to be given to the defendant on release after the director deducts:

(1) the cost to the center for the defendant’s food, housing, and supervision;

(2) the necessary expense for the defendant’s travel to and from work and community service projects, and other incidental expenses of the defendant;

(3) support of the defendant’s dependents; and

(4) restitution to the victims of an offense committed by the defendant.

Supervision agency

Victims who receive restitution (if applicable), defendant's dependents who receive child support (if applicable).

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Texas Tex. Code Crim. Proc. Art 102.012 Fees for Pretrial Intervention Programs

(a) A court that authorizes a defendant to participate in a pretrial intervention program established under Section 76.011, Government Code, may order the defendant to pay to the court a supervision fee

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in an amount not more than $60 per month as a condition of participating in the program.

(b) In addition to or in lieu of the supervision fee authorized by Subsection (a), the court may order the defendant to pay or reimburse a community supervision and corrections department for any other expense that is: (1) incurred as a result of the defendant’s participation in the pretrial intervention program, other than an expense described by Article 102.0121; or (2) necessary to the defendant’s successful completion of the program.

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