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Delaware 11 Del. C. § 4106(d) Restitution for Property Damage or Loss

(d) Each court shall establish procedures for the collection and disbursement of funds ordered under this section, including notification of the victim that restitution has been ordered. Such procedures shall

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at minimum include the following: (1) All restitution payments shall be disbursed to victims within 90 days of receipt or whenever the accumulated amount of the restitution payments received is $ 50 or more, whichever event first occurs. (2) Where there are multiple victims, disbursements shall be in proportion to the amounts owed to each victim, with individuals to receive disbursements in full before insurance companies receive any disbursements. (3) Any and all interest earned on deposited restitution payments shall be set aside and deposited on at least a quarterly basis to the Victim Compensation Fund. Any and all principal amounts received as restitution payments which are unclaimed after 5 years from date of receipt shall be deposited in the Victim Compensation Fund. If, at any time in the future, the victim owed restitution requests the transferred funds, and makes application to the Victim Compensation Fund Board, said moneys will be refunded, following verification by the transferring Court.

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