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Pennsylvania PA R GREENE CTY RCRP Rule G1407-CRIM Payment of Fines, Costs, and Restitution
a. All fines, costs, and restitution assessed at the time of sentencing shall be payable within fifteen (15) days of sentencing, except in cases where the defendant can show a
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hardship, the Greene County Probation and Parole Department may arrange a payment schedule with the defendant in order to provide that all such fines, costs and restitution are paid in full at least one (1) month prior to the maximum term of the sentence. b. The Greene County Parole and Probation Department shall ensure that all cases where the defendant has not paid the fines, costs and restitution pursuant to the foregoing are scheduled for a violation hearing consistent with Pa.R.Crim.P. 1409 when a defendant unjustifiably is not making payments agreed upon, but in any event, such hearing shall be scheduled not later than one (1) month prior to the termination of the maximum sentence of the defendant.
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