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Idaho I.C.R. Rule 54.7 Payment of Fees--Preparation of transcript
Unless otherwise ordered by the district judge, the transcript shall be prepared in the following manner:(a) Payment of Transcript Fee. Unless otherwise ordered by the district judge, the appellant
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shall pay the estimated fee for preparation of the transcript as determined by the transcriber within 14 days after the filing of the notice of appeal, and the appellant shall pay the balance of the fee for the transcript upon its completion. The appellant shall pay a sum per page for the original and two (2) copies of the transcript to be prepared by the transcriber equal to the dollar amount per page provided for the cost of a transcript prepared by a court reporter under Section 1-1105, Idaho Code. Such sum shall be paid to the clerk of the court of the magistrate's division and deposited in the district court fund, or such other fund which incurred the expense of the person who prepared the transcript. If the transcript is prepared by a transcriber or reporter privately retained by appellant, the cost therefor shall be paid by the appellant as agreed, but for purposes of taxing costs, the cost shall be deemed to be the same as provided in this rule. The district judge may order a transcript prepared at county expense if the appellant is exempt from paying such fee as provided by statute or law.(b) Preparation of Transcript. Upon the payment of the estimated transcript fees, the transcriber shall give a receipt to the party paying such fees and shall thereafter prepare the transcript and lodge the same with the clerk of the trial court within thirty-five (35) days from the date of payment of the estimated fee. The transcriber may make application to the district judge for an extension of time in which to prepare the transcript, which shall be granted only for good cause shown. (c) Certificate. The transcript must be examined and certified by the typist by a certificate in substantially the following form: CERTIFICATE OF TRANSCRIPTION (d) Form of Transcript. All transcripts of the testimony and proceedings prepared for an appeal to the district court shall be in such form and arrangement as required for appeals to the Supreme Court under the Idaho Appellate Rules.
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