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Type of enforcement mechanism
Wage/bank account garnishment
C.R.S. 16-18.5-106.8(1)
Statutory language

In any case in which a defendant has an unsatisfied restitution obligation ordered pursuant to section 18-1.3-603 or 19-2-918, C.R.S., the judicial department is authorized to transmit data concerning the obligation to the department of revenue for the purpose of conducting a data match and offsetting the restitution obligation against a state income tax refund pursuant to section 39-21-108 (3), C.R.S. For any restitution obligation identified by the judicial department for offset, the state court administrator shall: (a)  On at least an annual basis, certify to the department of revenue the social security number of the defendant who is obligated to pay the restitution obligation and the amount of the outstanding restitution obligation. The department of revenue may request additional identifying information from the judicial department that is necessary to obtain an accurate data match. (b)  Upon notification by the department of revenue of a data match, notify the appropriate court that a match has occurred and that an offset is pending and provide to the court the identifying information received from the department concerning the defendant whose state income tax refund is subject to the offset;(c)  Provide or require the appropriate court to provide written notice to the defendant that the state intends to offset the defendant's restitution obligation against his or her state income tax refund and that the defendant has the right to object to the offset and request an administrative review; and (d)  Upon receipt of funds for offset from the department of revenue, transmit the funds to the appropriate court.

Type of charge