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Victim restitution

An order requiring an offender to pay restitution, validly entered pursuant to this section, constitutes a judgment and lien against all property of a defendant for the amount the defendant is obligated to pay under the order and may be recorded in any office for the filing of liens against real or personal property, or for garnishment. A judgment of restitution may be enforced by the state, a victim entitled under the order to receive restitution, a deceased victim's estate or any other beneficiary of the judgment in the same manner as a civil judgment.

Unclaimed Property Offset

The judicial department may enter into a memorandum of understanding with the state treasurer, acting as the administrator of unclaimed property under the "Unclaimed Property Act", article 13 of title 38, C.R.S., for the purpose of offsetting against a claim for unclaimed property the unpaid amount of restitution the person making the claim has been ordered to pay pursuant to section 18-1.3-603 or 19-2-918, C.R.S.When an offset is to be made, the judicial department or the court in which the person's restitution obligation is pending shall notify the person in writing that the state intends

Lien on Property

(a)  When a defendant sentenced to pay a fine defaults in the payment thereof or of any installment, the fine may be collected by any means authorized for the enforcement of money judgments in civil actions; (b)  A judgment that the defendant pay a fine shall constitute a lien on the real and personal property of the defendant in the same manner and to the same extent as a money judgment in a civil action.

Judgment for fine, administrative assessment, payment of restitution or repayment of expenses is lien; additional provisions concerning judgment for payment of restitution.

1.  A judgment which imposes a fine or administrative assessment or requires a defendant to pay restitution or repay the expenses of a defense constitutes a lien in like manner as a judgment for money rendered in a civil action. 2.  A judgment which requires a defendant to pay restitution: (a) May be recorded, docketed and enforced as any other judgment for money rendered in a civil action. (b) Does not expire until the judgment is satisfied.

Lien for cost of provision of counsel — Limitation

A lien, enforceable as provided by this chapter, upon all the property, both real and personal, of any person, including the parents of a minor child, for whom legal counsel or a public defender has been appointed under the provisions of § 23A-40-6, subdivisions 23A-40-7(2) and (3), or § 26-7A-31 may be filed. The services rendered and expenses incurred are a claim against the person and that person's estate, enforceable according to law in an amount to be determined by a judge of the circuit court or a magistrate judge and paid by the county or municipality chargeable for them.

Determination of ability to pay all or part of representation costs--lien for reasonable value of services, procedure--deposit of funds collected

The reasonable value of the services rendered to a defendant pursuant to sections 600.011 to 600.048 and 600.086 to 600.096 may in all cases be a lien on any and all property to which the defendant shall have or acquire an interest. The public defender shall effectuate such lien whenever the reasonable value of the services rendered to a defendant appears to exceed one hundred fifty dollars and may effectuate such lien where the reasonable value of those services appears to be less than one hundred fifty dollars.