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Conditions of probation

(a) The following shall constitute basic conditions of probation applicable to all defendants upon whom a period of probation has been imposed: (8) Pay restitution, court costs, and fines, if assessed, in one or several sums, based on the defendant's ability to pay; and

Basic Discretionary Conditions

The judge of the court having jurisdiction of the case shall determine the conditions of community supervision. The judge may impose any reasonable condition that is designed to protect or restore the community, protect or restore the victim, or punish, rehabilitate, or reform the defendant. Conditions of community supervision may include conditions requiring the defendant to:

(8) pay in one or more amounts: (A) the defendant’s fine, if one is assessed; and (B) all court costs, regardless of whether a fine is assessed;

(9) support the defendant’s dependents

Offender may be required to pay monthly supervision feeAllowance to law libraries from fines and penalties of municipal courts

(4) The failure of an offender to comply with a condition of community control that requires the offender to pay a monthly supervision fee and that is imposed under division (A) (1) of this section shall not constitute the basis for the modification of the offender’s community control sanctions pursuant to section 2929.15 or 2929.25 of the Revised Code but may be considered with any other factors that form the basis of a modification of a sanction for violating a community control sanction under those sections.

Misdemeanor compliance programs; counties may establish; fees

As a condition of probation, the district or magistrate court may require the defendant to pay a fee of not less than fifteen dollars ($15.00) nor more than fifty dollars ($50.00) per month to the county for a public probation program for the term of the defendant's probation. Money collected by the county pursuant to this subsection shall be used only to operate the misdemeanor compliance program.

Victim restituion

B. If the trial court exercises either of the sentencing options under Section 31-20-6 NMSA 1978, the court shall require as a condition of probation or parole that the defendant, in cooperation with the probation or parole officer assigned to the defendant, promptly prepare a plan of restitution, including a specific amount of restitution to each victim and a schedule of restitution payments.