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Conditions of release on probation and parole

(a) Release and supervision on parole of any person, including the supervision by the Division of Corrections of any person paroled by any other state or by the federal government, shall be upon the following conditions: (5) That the parolee, and all federal or foreign state probationers and parolees whose supervision may have been undertaken by this state, pay a fee, based on his or her ability to pay, not to exceed $40 per month to defray the costs of supervision.

Agreement to suspend prosecution of a person accepted into the restitution program

(a) The prosecuting attorney may enter into an agreement with a participant of the worthless check restitution program to suspend prosecution for a period to be determined by the prosecuting attorney.
(b) To remain eligible for the worthless check restitution program, the participant shall:
(1) Contact a representative of the program before the date required by the notice sent pursuant to section thirty-nine-n [§ 61-3-39n] of this article;
(2) Agree to comply with all the program terms;

Violation of condition or requirement of sentence--Security searches authorized--Arrest by community corrections officer--Confinement in county jail

(1) If an offender violates any condition or requirement of a sentence, a community corrections officer may arrest or cause the arrest of the offender without a warrant, pending a determination by the court or by the department.