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(2) The Department of Corrections shall work collaboratively with the Restitution Unit to assist with the collection of restitution. The Department shall provide the Restitution Unit with information about the location and employment status of the offender.


(a) If a judge requires a defendant to make restitution to a victim of the defendant's offense, and a restitution payment is received by a department from the defendant for transmittal to a victim of the offense, the department shall immediately deposit the payment in an interest-bearing account in the county treasury as required by Section 140.003(f), Local Government Code.

Costs Attendant to Certain Intoxication and Drug Convictions

(g) The comptroller shall deposit the funds received under this article to the credit of the drug court account in the general revenue fund to help fund drug court programs established under Chapter 122, 123, 124, 125, or 129, Government Code, or former law. The legislature shall appropriate money from the account solely to the criminal justice division of the governor's office for distribution to drug court programs that apply for the money.