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Costs Attendant to Certain Intoxication and Drug Convictions

(g) The comptroller shall deposit the funds received under this article to the credit of the drug court account in the general revenue fund to help fund drug court programs established under Chapter 122, 123, 124, 125, or 129, Government Code, or former law. The legislature shall appropriate money from the account solely to the criminal justice division of the governor's office for distribution to drug court programs that apply for the money.

Penalty for unlawful windmill

Every person who shall erect, locate, or run any windmill within twenty-five (25) rods of any traveled street or road shall be fined for every offense not exceeding five hundred dollars ($500) nor less than one hundred dollars ($100), one-half (1/2) inuring to the use of the city or town where the offense shall have been committed and one-half (1/2) to the use of the state.

Fines collected

(a) One-half ( ½ ) of all the fines collected pursuant to §§ 11-9-13.2 -- 11-9-13.20 shall be transferred to the municipalities in which the citation originated.
(b) One-half ( ½ ) of all the fines collected pursuant to §§ 11-9-13.2 -- 11-9-13.20 shall be transferred to the general fund.

Fee for establishing and administering account for judgment that includes monetary obligation; fee for judgment referred for collection.

(1) All circuit courts and appellate courts of this state, and all commissions, departments and divisions in the judicial branch of state government, shall add a fee of not less than $ 50 and not more than $ 200 to any judgment that includes a monetary obligation that the court or judicial branch is charged with collecting. The fee shall cover the cost of establishing and administering an account for the debtor and shall be added without further notice to the debtor or further order of the court.


(p)  The court shall assess a twenty dollar ($ 20.00) detention/probation training academy fee against the juvenile offender for every petition filed where there has been an adjudication that the juvenile offender is within the purview of this chapter.