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California Cal. Rules of Court 4.541 Minimum requirements of supervision agency reports
Except as provided in (d), a petition for revocation of supervision must include a written report that contains at least the following information:(1) Information about the supervised person, including:(A) Personal
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identifying information, including name and date of birth;(B) Custody status and the date and circumstances of arrest;(C) Any pending cases and case numbers;(D) The history and background of the supervised person, including a summary of the supervised person's record of prior criminal conduct; and(E) Any available information requested by the court regarding the supervised person's risk of recidivism, including any validated risk-needs assessments;(2) All relevant terms and conditions of supervision and the circumstances of the alleged violations, including a summary of any statement made by the supervised person, and any victim information, including statements and type and amount of loss;(3) A summary of any previous violations and sanctions; and(4) Any recommended sanctions
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